Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back on Track

It's been over a week now! I know that if I let myself go for just one day, it'll turn into much longer, and I do try to prevent that, but I just didn't get around to posting last Friday, and it just got pushed farther and farther back. On the bright side, though, I do now have a week's worth of activity to post! Not that it was a particularly exciting week, but I have plenty of little things to show you. :) I was tagged by Anna Kristine, and I will get around to that either later today, Sunday, or Monday. And now that I've said it, I hope that shall keep me in line and I'll have a post to show for it. I do hope to stay on track now with blogging, as well as with biking. I do hope to go for a bike ride later today because I'm afraid I've been slacking with that as well. For now, though, I'm off to work on lots of Christmas presents and some Christmas pizzelles. I will leave you with a picture of the delicious hot chocolate I enjoyed this morning, looking very wintery in its snowman mug and peppermint stick. Thanks, Mom! :]

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your cocoa. It looks delicious!


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