Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Dress for Lizzy

I made this dress for Lizzy probably...2 months ago, but wanted to wait for some warm weather to get some pictures, so I could take them outside. :) Today proved to be the perfect day, but I didn't realize until we were already out and about, so I hope you can ignore the unironed condition of the dress. ;] The style is slightly Narnian, although the print is not, but it's great for all sorts of princess-y things, like...


..and running......and Narnian role playing...

...and more running. :) But I suppose it could also be used for things like tea parties and curtsies, if need be. ;]


  1. How Cute! I should make some for my girls, they would have so much fun playing Susan and Lucy with them. The colors are wonderful!


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