Monday, March 16, 2009

Hanging Blown Eggs

My mom's post about blown Easter eggs.
Last year we blew out Easter eggs for the first time last year, and when we took them out recently with the Easter decorations, I decided to hang them from a metal "tree" of sorts that we have. I have a link up at the top of this post to a post my mom made about blowing out Easter eggs that you can check out if you'd like because this one's just focused on hanging them. I'm sure there's some great information online of some great way to hang them that'll look really spiffy, but I decided to just figure it out using things around the house.

Materials I used:
-brown thread, twice as long as the length you want the egg hanging down, and at least 6 or 7 inches.
-small needle
-sewing pin
-masking tape (Yes, masking tape. But don't worry, you don't see it.)
-eggs, of course =)
What I did:
If you blew out your eggs the way we did, you should have one hole at each end, a small one, and a tiny one. (I'll just call them 'big' and 'small' to make things simple.)

Insert the threaded needle into the smaller of the two holes.
The needle tended to "float" at the top of the hole because of the thread, (see photo at left) so I pushed it down into the egg using a pin.

Holding the thread so that the ends don't go into the egg, (left)but still giving the needle a bit of slack, gently shake the egg so that the needle finds its way out the larger hole. (right)

You can now release one of the ends of thread so that you can remove the needle from the thread, and the egg is threaded on the thread like a bead. (Say that ten times fast. ;]) Take the needle, and thread it onto the end of thread coming from the smaller hole of the egg. You are now going to go through the same process, bringing the other end down through the small hole and out the larger one, making sure to keep the loop at the small hole. (If your loop falls through, you're going to have to start over again.)

Here, I pinned my loop to the tablecloth so that it wouldn't fall through while I finish up.

I then took a piece of masking tape, folded it so that it was not sticky, threaded the needle and thread through the center, and tied a knot on the other side. I then put the tape and thread in the egg through the large hole and pulled up the loop at the top. This tape is just a barrier to keep the knot from going through the small hole at the top.

Now, just hang it somewhere. =)


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