Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Pom-Pom Animals Tutorial

fig. 1

-8 to 12 inches (more if your pom-poms are larger than mine were) of Button/Craft thread (regular thread should word fine, but since I have a little sister, I wanted something a little heavier ;]) in color matching your pom-pom (doesn't have to really match, just as long as it's not a contrasting color)
-Sewing needle
-Two pony-sized beads for the eyes
-Two pom-poms
For the chick:
-Orange felt cut into feet- and beak-shaped pieces, as shown in fig. 1 & fig. 2
For the bunny:
-One pony-sised bead for the nose
-Felt cut into ear- and feet- shaped pieces (fig. 2)
-About 4 inches of white thread for the whiskers
-A bit of fabric paint for the toes (optional)
For the frog:
-Felt cut into feet-shaped pieces (fig. 2)

fig. 2


1. Tie a big knot in one end of your thread after threading the needle. (fig. 3) You want to make sure it's not going to go through the pom-pom.

fig. 3

2. Thread both pom-poms with the needle straight through the center, like a kabob; you should be able to feel a tight mass in the center of your pom-pom with your needle. The pom-pom closer to the needle and farther from the knot is the head.
3. Go back down (around where you came out--you don't want to see this stitch) through the "mass" at the center the head, but turn to the side after going through the mass, so that you're on the side of the head, where your face is going to be.
4. In any order, attatch the eyes and beak (fig. 4) (for the chick) or nose (for the bunny) by beading on the piece and then going back through the center mass to secure it. It's easiest if you go straight through to the back of the head, and then turn and go straight through again to the front, and you can't see the stitches made in the back of the head at all. You also sew on your bunny's ears when you go to the back, (fig. 2) so you're essentially saving time. :)

fig. 4

5. After attaching everything but the feet, go straight down to the bottom of the bottom pom-pom, through the feet, and tie off. (fig. 5)

fig. 5

(For the bunny) Thread your needle with about 4 inches of white thread, and with ends even, pull halfway through the bunny's face, by the nose, and cut close to the needle without pulling all the way through, so that you have 2 ends on each side for whiskers. Trim to preferred size.

You may not have straight facial features--it takes a while to get used to working with the pom-poms. Just keep with it. :)

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  1. This is really cute and I'm glad you talked me into making one with you :)


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