Friday, June 26, 2009

I shall blog!

I've been telling myself that I shall start blogging on a regular basis, and I'm often thinking, "Oh, I can blog this later," but never do. Now that I'm sitting down at the computer, of course, I can't think of anything. For now I suppose I'll jsut share a few photos, but I will try to get back on the blogging track now that summer's here and things are [fairly] quiet. Tonight's the last night of my church's VBS, too, so there's not a whole lot going on after today.

My very favoritest local bird species--Cedar Waxwings! The composition could've been better, but I'm happy with my timing. =)

Yes, the much overdone through-the-grass shot. I just really enjoy the light filtering through the red maple turned to bokeh awesomeness, haha.

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