Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rantings of a Happy Camper: Part One--The Campfire

I'm back and, that's right, it's time for a mini series!
Rantings of a Happy Camper: the things you think about when you're living in the woods
It's basically just a collection of random thoughts, experiences, and stories that came about during my camping trip.
Part One: The Campfire
The Campfire is a wonderful noun--both a place and thing--an item of learning & mystery. I pondered fire and embers and ashes several times during my time camping. It's a most fascinating thing to watch. The flames lick up the branches, and dissolve and appear and leap and stay...until it leaves. And then there are the glowing embers, the blackened stick with coursing veins of fire running through it, radiant seams glowing and darkening and glowing once more like something electronic, but not. And then the bits of fiery ash that float upwards to the sky, like artificial fireflies, until they become swallowed by the waiting darkness.
How could one tire of watching something as complex, as beautiful, as wild and unknown as fire?


  1. Love the pictures! - And how you make things sound magical.

  2. I always wonder what you are thinking about. I love this post and hope you continue. Your writing is creative and enjoyable. :)


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