Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rantings of a Happy Camper: Part Three--A Stroke of Luck

Rantings of a Happy Camper: the things you think about when you're living in the woods
It's basically just a collection of random thoughts, experiences, and stories that came about during my camping trip.

Part Three: A Stroke of Luck
No thoughtful thoughts or any such thing today; just a little story. The second night camping, we all played Yahtzee. (If you know how to play Yahtzee, skip to the purple star. (*) If not, continue reading. In Yahtzee, you try to get different dice combinations (with 5 dice) for the highest score. The very best thing you can get is "Yahtzee," which is when you get 5 dice that are all the same. For most people, getting Yahtzee happens about half the time (maybe a tad more) they play, but not always. (*) I did fairly well throughout the whole game, but the surprise came when I got Yahtzee. And then, a few turns later, when I got Yahtzee again. And then, a few turns later, when I got Yahztee for a third time. :D I was absolutely Flabbergasted; the odds are so low! (Needless to say, I saved the score sheet.)
The next morning, we played Clue. My cousin rolled first, but didn't get a high enough number to enter a room & make a guess. I rolled next, entered the closest room, (the Ballroom) and picked the first person (Mr. Green) and weapon (candlestick) that came to mind that weren't on my list. Then silence. No one offered to reveal a card with Mr. Green, the ballroom, or the candlestick on it. We checked the envelope, and lo and behold, the guilty person was Mr. Green, and the crime was committed in the ballroom with the candlestick.
What a stroke of luck. =]

I'll hopefully have some nice pictures to post on Friday, as I'll [if all goes as planned] be traveling to the centraleastern (you know, right between northeastern and southeastern ;]) hills of PA, to Hawk Mountain, for this part of migration season. (A very good time for Bald Eagles and Kestrels!) :D

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