Friday, March 25, 2011

In Which Winter Commences. Again.

What's that you say?
Spring began last weekend?

Apparently this snow storm didn't get the memo.

After sleeping in for three hours, I trekked outside to get some shots of the [hopefully last] accumulation. Don't get me wrong; I love snow. But I'm ready for spring and hoping we might have some semblance of an Easter break, despite all the snow days. :)

My secret to success for the day? Bracketing. I usually just fiddle for each shot, but it was so much easier to shoot in the snow with bracketing. I used Av mode and set up the exposure bracketing to get exposures at 0, +2/3, and +1 1/3.
And it continued snowing pretty much the entire day, so my camera and I went out in high fasion--I wearing the typical winter garb and she inside a plastic bag with a hole cut in it.

Despite an entire winter stuffed inside working on college applications, financial aid, and a lot of school work, I managed to capture a few of my favorite winter pictures Tuesday. :)


  1. You are an artist with your camera! I love to see the world through your eyes.

  2. I really like these photos and it's great to see the humour coming out in your blog :)


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