Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Catching Up: Dec 12-16

The last week has been full of finals and studying, so here's a catch-up post!

Dec 12:

Almost the entirety of the day was spent studying; I just managed to grab this photo with my phone after leaving a night-before-the-exam review session.

 Dec 13:

After a grueling 4-hours spent in an exam, this day, too, was devoted to studying, as well as making immaculate notecards. 

Dec 14:

Snow flurries! We got dumped with a snowstorm all day, nixing my plans to go home for a couple days before my last final. 

Dec 15:
Missed it. :(
Church was cancelled due to snow, but roads were clear by the evening, and several friends and I were fortunate enough to be welcomed into the beautiful home of one of our church's families for an evening of food and laughter. And I left my camera at home.

Dec 16:

Last late night of studying for the semester! Not a terribly aesthetic photo, but representative of this week--lots of notes to study, plenty of warm tea to drink, twinkling lights to lift spirits, and thoughtful care packages from our lovely church!

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